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Hottest Sneakers In Las Vegas Dropping In December

If you’ve shopped with Solection, then you know we’re serious about having the latest and greatest sneakers in Las Vegas. We don’t simply sell shoes; we sell the culture. Sneakers continue to dominate the fashion world in terms of the hottest trending clothing. Why? Because, while everyone is not into boots, loafers or high-fashion dress shoes—everyone needs sneakers.

Whether it’s a need born out of comfort, style or utility—it’s rare to find someone that doesn’t own a single pair. In fact, if you know someone like that—send them our way, we’ll baptize them into the culture.

Now, whether you’re a certified sneakerhead, or just your average consumer, you can agree on one thing—you value style. So do we, that is why we keep our clientele up to date on the latest kicks hitting our shelves.

Christmas is sneaking up on us like a heel scuff on your rare OG Jordans you only wear once a year. So, while we’re more last-minute than your Christmas shopping—we do have a few upcoming hot kicks to highlight.  Pay close attention to the drop date and the availability heat index. We are the hottest location for sneakers in Las Vegas. A heat index of 1 is likely easy to find, and a 5 is an instant sellout, so plan your holiday shopping accordingly.

For Sneakers In Las Vegas, It’s Looking Like A Yeezy Christmas

Adidas and Kanye West aren’t about to give up any ground on their market share of the sneaker industry. Flooding the market with hot kicks one after another, they’re going out hard with back to back December releases.

You can rest assured that anything Kanye puts on a shelf will be gone before the dust has a chance to settle. Don’t be surprised if you have people camping out several days before their drop date. This December, you’ll have not one, but two chances to get your hands on a pair of Yeezy’s—decisions, decisions!

Yeezy Boost 700 v1 Carbon Blue

Drop Date: 12.18.19

Heat Index: 5

The ever-popular Yeezy Boost 700 line gets some arctic styling just in time for winter with this Carbon Blue colorway. Easily earning a spot on the list of the hottest sneakers in Las Vegas just by the brand alone, this iteration is ICY.

The Yeezy Boost 700 v1 Carbon Blue features intricate blue suede overlays (don’t step on ‘em) with a slick combo of blue and grey mesh underlays. Kanye is not one to hold back on the lux factor so you can always expect premium materials.  True to that statement, this design features premium light-grey leather highlighted by dark grey suede on the heel.

Yeezys Walk…Comfortably.

The Yeezy Boost 700 line is not only known for style and substance, but also for extreme comfort and support.  Let’s face it, how can you show off one of the hottest sneakers in Las Vegas if they hurt your feet? No problem with that here— the full-length drop-in boost midsole adds great stability and unmatched comfort Yeezy’s are known for.  While these will be very hard to snag, they’re so comfortable and so fresh, you might never take them off.

Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Yecheil”

Drop Date: 12.19.19

Heat Index: 5

This one is so hot, we might have to have a liability waiver in case you get burned touching these 350’s. The Yeezy Boost 350 v2 line has always been known for monochromatic colorways and extreme comfort. In fact, they are one of the most sought-after kicks in the entire Yeezy brand, flying off shelves in record numbers. This holiday season has Kanye possibly feeling the Christmas spirit given the religious-themed name. In fact, Kanye’s journey in his faith seems to have heavily influenced this and two other upcoming designs.

You Don’t Know My Name?

While the name Yecheil may sound to most, like just another “Kanye-ism,” and it is—sort of. Yecheil is a twist on the Hebrew word, “Yechiel” which roughly means, “God lives.” In fact, two other upcoming 350 releases sporting flashy colors also have Hebrew derived names. The Yeezreel, from the Hebrew word, “Yizreel”, meaning “God will seed” and the Yeshaya, meaning “God is salvation.” Both of those shoes are slated for release towards the end of December and January, respectively—don’t worry we’ll cover them later.

Color’s Dripping Off…

The colorways in this unique departure from neutral schemes, still employ an upper of Adidas’ wildly popular Primeknit material. However, the difference in this iteration is the bold mix of colors rather than a neutral tone. Setting the tone with splashes of colorful accents including red, blue, tan and yellow—the Yecheil’s shine, quite literally.

Yes, not stopping at the eye-catching color pops, reflective threads dazzle in the light as well.  However, for those not a fan of reflective materials, there will be a non-reflective version available as well.  A monofilament side stripe rounds out the design adding a perfect break between patterns. Naturally, the whole shoe sits on the black Boost midsole, which adds supreme cushion and stability.

Yeezy’s Remain The Hottest Sneakers In Las Vegas

Yeezy’s unique flair and premium materials with outside the box design keep them a constant hot seller. Easily, they take residency on the top 5 list of hottest sneakers available in any region. Rest assured, both of these will fly off the shelves the second they hit. Probably before we can even ring up the first pair.

Don’t Sleep On Nike

With all the hype surrounding Yeezys and their new kid on the block bravado, it’s easy for people to sleep on Nike. But, make no mistake—Nike made the sneaker culture what it is and will always be a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s Take It Back To The Old School…

Nike’s strong suit in the sneaker game as of late has been re-introducing wildly popular designs from days gone by. Evident by the popularity of iconic shoes like the original Air Jordans, Air Force Ones, and even futuristic kicks from Back To The Future II. There’s no denying the staying power of Nike kicks when it comes to sneaker culture—they’re OG’s

Nike has no plans to pump the brakes on releasing retro releases any time soon. With new colorways added to old designs, they command the attention of sneakerheads worldwide. This latest entry ups the tempo and yes, that’s what you call an allusion—we’re smart, see?

Nike Air More Uptempo—Laser Crimson Edition

Drop Date: 12.19.19

Heat Index: 4

It’s undisputed that the Nike Air More Uptempo circa ’96 is one of the most recognizable basketball shoes of the ‘90s.  So much so, that Nike has issued every one of its OG colorways and yet sneakerheads around the world can’t get enough.  Honestly, they could simply re-issue all their original colorways and they would sell like ice water in the desert. That being said, Nike isn’t one to rest on their laurels and this iteration of the wildly popular shoe is a perfect example.

Laser Hot…

Laser Crimson is the latest colorway introduced to the ‘90s retro kick that is a global hit. In fact, it has already dropped overseas due to overwhelming demand.

Featuring a prominent red and black gradient fade on the “AIR” lettering it adds to the nostalgia with faux white reflections. The show has a very ‘90s graffiti-style worthy of prominent product placement on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-AIR (see what we did there?).

Honestly, there’s not much description needed for this sneaker, when you see it—it describes itself. It’s the 1990’s Jordan-led Bulls dynasty, the golden age of Hip-Hop, and bold, chunky ‘90s style visualized into a beast of a shoe.

It’s definitely going to be a hot seller, but thanks to Nike’s distribution, it won’t be quite as hard to come by as the Yeezy’s. Make no mistake, if you want this shoe you better get it on launch—it may not sell out instantly but it will go quick.

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