About Solection

First, we would like to thank you for visiting Solection (www.SolectionLV.com)!
We are pleased that you are here and look forward to serving you.   

Established in May of 2017, Solection is located at 5120 S Decatur, Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89118.  Solection features a variety of authentic footwear, apparel, and accessories to go along with great customer service.  Solection is both a dependable source for customers that are shopping for authentic merchandise, as well as a favorable option for independent sellers interested in selling their inventory via consignment.



Consigning with Solection is a simple process that can be handled by mailing the items along with the consignment form or bringing items in to 5120 S Decatur, Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89193.

We offer 90/10 consignment on  new/deadstock or near new items and 85/15 consignment on footwear that is pre-owned and items that are not in Near New/DS condition, with a minimum of $20.  
ie. 90/10 =  90% of sales price to consignor, 10% of sales price to Solection.  
ie . 85/15 = 85% of sales price to consignor, 15% of sales price to Solection.


Solection protects your property.   We shrink wrap all New shoes on display, that are made primarily of suede/nubuck.  We market in-demand footwear, apparel, & accessories via social media and Sneaker Expos; shoot and/or use intricate, high-resolution pictures for promotion and e-commerce; and handle online/in-store sales, storage, and worldwide shipping.  After sales are completed on consignment items, we issue checks every Tuesday to our consignors whose items sold throughout the previous week. We alleviate a lot of the burden (lost shipments, fraud, storage, theft, etc.) from individual sellers.



We ship items within 2 business days after order is made.  For the most part, orders are shipped on the next business day and sometimes on the same business day.