Selling your footwear, apparel, & accessories can be a discouraging and time consuming process some times.  Let us help you sell your items.  We will take pictures if necessary, market, negotiate with sellers, post on several sale platforms, store, and ship your items for you.  Then when it is sold, we will return 80-90% of the final sales price to you via check.  You can either bring in or mail your items to:  5120 S Decatur, Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89118

If you have 10 items or less, feel free to bring them into to our Las Vegas location between noon - 6pm on weekdays and 1pm - 6pm on weekends.  If you have 11 or more items, it may be better for you to call the shop first (702- 909-4352) to make an appointment.

1. You, the consignor brings us, or mails us, your items.
2. We assist in  setting your sale prices that correspond with current market values utilizing our tools, comprehensive data, and experience.
3. We sell your shoes online, in our Las Vegas store, and at sneaker expos/shows.
4. Our commission is 15% for new footwear/clothing/accessories, with a minimum fee of $20.  Most of the pre-owned footwear that we accept on consignment has to be in 9 of 10 condition or better.

  You, the consignor will receive a check for 85% of the final sale price once your item(s) sell. 

We reserve the right to refuse any items.



  • Only authentic sneakers in good condition and clothing in new condition will be accepted.  
  • Do not send SOLECTION any replicas or fake sneakers. Do not send any sneakers that aren't at least 9 out of 10 condition.  Do not send any clothing that isn't new.  If any of these items are received, they will need to be returned at the sender's/consignor's expense.  Sender/Consignor forfeits item if payment for return shipping isn't received with 10 business days.
  • SOLECTION will list and hold sneakers for at least 45 days (standard consignment term).  We determine how much longer to continue to list/hold an item that has not been sold within the standard consignment term .  We may contact the consignor to adjust pricing.
  • If the consignor would like their item returned after the item has not been sold within 45 days, the consignor will be responsible for return shipping costs, or the item can be released to consignor in person at the store.
  • When sending us your sneakers, ensure that you are double boxing the sneakers and insuring the item. SOLECTION is not responsible for stolen packages or packages that are not delivered.
  • Please include a sheet of paper with the info below:
  • -Your full name
  • -Your asking price (the amount that you would like after the transaction of selling your sneakers is complete)
  • -Your e-mail address
  • -Your mailing address
  • -Phone number
  • Sneakers must be shipped to the address below:

       SOLECTION Shipping Dept
       5120 S Decatur, Suite 103
       Las Vegas, NV 89118

Send an email to if you have any questions.